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There’s a great selection of nudist beaches in the UK, a good number of which are not labelled as such, so, just in case you’re worried about offending anyone, we’ve made a list, and we’ve even highlighted the official ones!

All the other beaches on the list, which are deemed here to be ‘unofficial’, have a long tradition of nakedness, and are, as such, widely accepted, both by nudists and locals, to be beaches where one can bare all! So feel free to do exactly that!

If you click on the each of the links, you’ll find more detailed information, directions, images, and maps. And if you scroll down the page, the beaches are listed again by region. Hoo-bloody-ray for nakedness, right?!

But as always, please respect the fact that some people still like to wear clothes (weird, huh?!); so don’t flash your flaps at those conservative textile-wearing types, OK?!


Brighton Nudist Beach, East Sussex

Brighton Nudist Beach

As Donald Trump himself famously never said, “You can’t be too orange”, and what better place to top-up your all-over tan than the uber-cool and downright quirky English seaside town of Brighton!! It’s also one of the least religious, and consequently one of the most inclusive and tolerant places in all of the UK; so here, you’re far less likely to offend any vicars – or anyone else for that matter – with your proudly exposed nether-bits! Hoo-flipping-ray! [more].

Leysdown Shell Ness Nudist Beach, Isle of Sheppey, Kent

Leysdown Shell Ness Nudist Beach

We’ll admit that Leysdown seems to enjoy the highest concentration of amusement arcades in the known universe; and is ostensibly the regional capital of shoddy, greasy and under-priced cafes; but, for some, this could be a positive. If you like being naked, eating cheap fried food, and playing on those stupid two-pence machines with the moving shelves, this is undoubtedly your utopian dream. [more].

Perranporth Nudist Beach, Cornwall

Perranporth Nudist Beach

You’ll find the golden and expansive sands of Perranporth Nudist Beach on Cornwall’s beautiful north coast, and as we also love handmade meat-filled pastry items, we cannot think of a better county in which to get your nether-bits out!

If there’s more to life than delicious, hand-rolled, beef and Stilton pasties, whilst lying buff-naked on a glorious Cornish beach, we have yet to find it! Nom bloody nom! [more].

Budleigh Salterton Nudist Beach, Devon

Budleigh Salterton Nudist Beach

Imagine, on a balmy Sunday afternoon, with nothing better to do, that you find yourself entirely equidistant between sunny Exmouth and the thoroughly pleasant – if not slightly platitudinous – middle-class retirement capital of Devon, Sidmouth. Imagine you have a spare hour or two, and imagine, just for a second, that you have an insatiable desire to remove all your clothes and stroll around (and quite possibly cartwheel!) in full public view; then Budleigh Salterton Nudist Beach might just have the answer! [more].

Studland Nudist Beach, Purbeck, Dorset

Studland Nudist Beach

Knoll Beach at Studland Bay in Dorset is one of the finest nudist beaches in Britain. If you’re gonna get your bits and baps out anywhere in the UK, this is definitely one of the best places to do it!

This part of the National Trust’s managed seashore on Studland Bay is regularly named as one of Britain’s most wonderfulist, most marvelous beaches, and the part of it – known as Knoll Beach – is the location of an officially recognised nudist beach [more].

Morfa Dyffryn Nudist Beach, Barmouth, Wales

Morfa Dyffryn Nudist Beach

Acclaimed by regular users as one of the best nudist beaches in the UK, Morfa Dyffryn Nudist Beach is located on the west coast of Wales, between Harlech and Barmouth, in the county of Gwynedd; in what some old Welsh woman once called ‘God’s Own Country’. [more].

Ardeer Nudist Beach, North Ayreshire, Scotland

Ardeer Nudist Beach

When you conjure up a mental image of nudist beaches, you perhaps picture beautiful coves of bright white sand, punctuated with beautifully large conch shells, and bordered by beautiful crystal blue waters, gently lapping at the beautiful toes of beautiful naked people, drinking beautiful cocktails with their beautiful lips. Ardeer is none of those things! [more].

Cleat’s Shore Nudist Beach, Isle of Arran, Scotland

Cleat's Shore Nudist Beach

The ‘Marbella of the North’, as no-one has ever called it, is surely the least appropriate location for nakedness of any kind; especially bathing!

But Cleat’s Shore is definitely the place if – for some unknown reason – you want to feel the icy Scottish winds whip around your nether-regions without hindrance, or if you have a strong desire to push the physical boundaries of nudism to completely new, record-breaking levels! [more].

Holkham Bay Nudist Beach, Norfolk, East Anglia

Holkham Bay Nudist Beach

Holkham Bay Nudist Beach is a splendidly large and jolly picturesque sandy beach backed by gorgeous sand dunes and a rather lovely forest. It is located on the north coast of Norfolk near Wells-next-the-Sea, and is pretty much the perfect place to get your bits, baps, and cracks out! [more].

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