Holkham Bay Nudist Beach
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Holkham Bay Nudist Beach is a splendidly large and jolly picturesque sandy beach backed by gorgeous sand dunes and a rather lovely forest. It is located on the north coast of Norfolk near Wells-next-the-Sea, and is pretty much the perfect place to get your bits, baps, and cracks out!

It is part of the Holkham Hall Estate – which manages the beach as a nature reserve – and the nudist beach itself is suitable for everyone, including families, but, in order to get there, you have to be able to walk, hop or jog a reasonable distance. But as some old Chinese bloke once said smugly, “the journey is the reward”, and we couldn’t agree more.

The west end of Holkham Beach has been popular with nudies for many years, but in July 2013, the landowners, acting together with The Crown Estate and Norfolk Police, withdrew its official naturist status (boo, hiss!), and banned nudism (what a bunch of bores!). This was in response to some inappropriate public behaviour (a bit of you-know-what!) on the nudist beach and Norfolk Police actively enforced the ban.

However, and in a cracking nudie u-turn, by the end of summer 2013, The Crown Estate had ended the ban on nudism on their part of the beach and Norfolk Police also accepted that nudism is not an offence. Hooray !

Additionally, in Summer 2014, the Holkham Estate also relaxed their ban, and agreed to welcome stark-naked folk; but only on the beach (not the sand dunes!). They have subsequently erected signs outlining the nudist beach and its boundaries; a fab result!

Holkham Bay is a great day out, and a lovely beach, but as always, please respect the fact that some people still like to wear clothes (weird, huh?!); so don’t flash your flaps at those conservative textile-wearing types, OK?! And double-definitely no ‘how’s-your-father‘ in the sand dunes! Clear? Good.

Directions to Holkham Bay Nudist Beach

On the map, look for the heart-shaped bum !!

Holkham Bay Nudist Beach
Holkham Bay Nudist Beach

The A149 coast road runs from King’s Lynn via Hunstanton to Wells-next-the-Sea and the village of Holkham lies just west of Wells. The car park is located in Queen Anne Road with its entrance directly opposite the Holkham Hall driveway, in the centre of the village.

Having parked, walk through the gate and turn left toward the sea; at this stage you need to be fully-clothed, sorry!

The path is almost 2 miles long, and takes you past a pretty little pond, a bird hide, and the house and the outbuildings until it takes a slight turn to the right and through some trees. At this point paths cross so turn right here, and pick your way through the tress; still with clothes on, OK?!

The path is not particularly well marked, and sadly is not suitable for wheelchair access. It eventually emerges on the edge of the beautiful sand dunes, where you will then find notices indicating which parts are naked and which aren’t! Basically, you can get as naked as you like on the west beach itself, but not in the dunes, sorry. Please observe these rules and the boundaries; this is, after all, private land and naked use is generously allowed by the landowners. Thanks guys!

Facilities at Holkham Bay Nudist Beach

There are no facilities on the nudist beach itself, but there is a delightful and rather grand gastro-pub – The Victoria Inn – near the car park; and we can confirm that it is utterly nom, nom!

Unless you plan on eating there, it is probably best to stock up with everything you will need in Wells, or to bring supplies from home.

Additionally, there are no toilets on or close to the beach itself, so don’t drink too much vino plonko, OK?!

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