Perranporth Nudist Beach
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You’ll find the golden and expansive sands of Perranporth Nudist Beach on Cornwall’s beautiful north coast, and as we also love handmade meat-filled pastry items, we cannot think of a better county in which to get your nether-bits out! If there’s more to life than delicious, hand-rolled, beef and Stilton pasties, whilst lying buff-naked on a glorious Cornish beach, we have yet to find it! Nom bloody nom!

We must also mention that this is a seriously marvellous beach for surfing, with a fantastic swell (pardon the pun!) and a gentle slope. So if you’ve ever fancied a spot of naked surfing – who hasn’t!? – then this has to be the place!

This stunning beach is huge, and is backed by the even stunning-er dunes of Penhale Sands! Nudies are invited to use the northern part of the three-mile long beach, but not the dunes; a rule created in response to a little too much ‘nudge-nudge wink wink’ in the secluded fore-dunes, and one which is regularly enforced by beach patrols. Well done beach patrols!

This crackdown has put an end to any unsavoury use, and Perranporth Nudist Beach is now frequented by families, couples and singles of all ages. It’s a stunning location and a great day out, but as always, please respect the fact that some people still like to wear clothes (weird, huh?!); so don’t flash your flaps at those conservative textile-wearing Labrador walkers, OK?!

Directions to Perranporth Nudist Beach

On the map, look for the heart-shaped bum !!

Perranporth Nudist Beach
Perranporth Nudist Beach

From the westbound A30, the B3285 get you to Perranporth via Goonhavern. Shortly before getting to the town, at the top of a hill you will see the entrance to Perran Sands Holiday Park. Here, turn north on to a minor road which leads to the hamlet of Mount and (by way of a footpath) to St. Piran’s Oratory.

About 1/4 mile along this road, park your car and – whilst still wearing clothes – follow footpath to the Oratory and beyond; then over the dunes, and gently down to the sea; where you can rapidly remove all earthly garments (and possibly those of your loved ones too!).

Alternatively, it’s quite possible to walk along the beach from Perranporth until you reach the nude section; the furthermost end of this two-mile long beaut of a beach.

Facilities at Perranporth Nudist Beach

There are no facilities at the nudie end of the beach, but you can get all the essentials in Perranporth itself. If you are one of those hipster, city-based, only-shop-at-Waitrose types, I strongly suggest that you bring your own lightly-massaged Balinese langoustines and oak-scented vintage sourdough with you. Fab!

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